Friday 23rd February 2018,

Nigerian Singer, Mr. 2Kay Brutally Beaten & Robbed At Gun-Point

Nigerian Singer, Mr. 2Kay Brutally Beaten & Robbed At Gun-Point

Nigerian singer, Abiye David popularly known as Mr. 2Kaywas robbed at gunpoint during 2Baba’s Buckwyld and

Breathless yesterday 22nd of October at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

According to the report given by his label, the robbers, 4 in number had gained access into Mr. 2Kay’s room after the artiste’s performance at Buckwyld and Breathless which was by 11 pm. The artiste had allowed one of them into his room thinking he was room service. The robbers all forced themselves into the room with a gun threatening to shoot the artiste should he attract attention, later ensuring to cut off the room’s intercom to avoid any form of communication from outside the room.

Not wanting to back down without a fight, Mr. 2Kay struggled with one of the robbers who punched him repeatedly threatening to shoot if he doesn’t calm down.

After leading the artiste to the bathroom and locking him there with both hands and legs tied, they stole his valuables including jewelry, clothes, perfumes, phones, and money.

According to the manager of  Grafton Records, James Silas;

I was quite shocked when I got to Mr. 2Kay’s room last night. This was somebody I watched perform some minutes before the incident. anyways the hotel authorities and police are already investigating the incident and we hope they’ll apprehend the criminals as soon as possible.

Investigation is still ongoing and the root of the matter hopefully will be reached as soon as possible.

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